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Wounds that heal slowly or not at all create serious complications, such as infections that can spread to surrounding tissues. Non-healing wounds frequently necessitate surgical intervention from Michael Renfrow, MD, FACS.

He understands the importance of prompt treatment for wound care in Miami. As a result, he provides same-day and next-day appointments at his Miami, Florida, office. Call the office or fill out the online contact form to get the expert care you need for a nonhealing wound.

An Ongoing Wound-Dressing Process

Wound Care Q & A

What causes non-healing wounds?

When you’re in good health, wounds heal naturally in a series of steps. Wounds require oxygen, nutrients, and the assistance of other cells to activate healing, regulate inflammation, and regenerate new tissues at each stage.

All of the substances required by your body to heal reach the wound via your bloodstream. When your blood supply is compromised, you are more likely to sustain a non-healing wound.

Many medical conditions can also interfere with wound healing, including:

Diabetes and vascular insufficiency cause skin ulcers that enlarge and frequently become infected. Cancer radiation therapy may also result in a slow-healing wound.

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What signs indicate that my wound isn’t healing?

When your wound does not heal properly, you will experience the following symptoms:

The length of time it takes for a wound to heal is determined by its size and depth. If you haven’t seen significant signs of healing within a month, or if any of the symptoms listed above appear, it’s time to see your doctor.

How does Dr. Renfrow provide wound care?

Chronic wounds necessitate intensive treatment, which begins with a thorough evaluation of the extent and severity of your wound. Diagnostic testing may also be required to determine the underlying cause and to rule out complications such as bone infections.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, vascular disease, or another health condition, you will receive appropriate treatment to prevent future wounds.

Dr. Renfrow provides comprehensive wound care, employing the most advanced and painless techniques available today to stabilize wounds and promote long-term healing. He frequently administers treatments such as:

Dr. Renfrow knows how to properly dress non-healing wounds. If you have a chronic or slow-healing wound, contact Dr. Renfrow or fill out the online contact form.