Lipoma Removal in Miami, FL

Surgical procedure to remove a lipoma, a benign fatty tumor.

Lipoma Removal Miami, FL

If you find a soft, painless mound on your neck, shoulders, or back, it’s most likely a lipoma. Michael Renfrow, MD, FACS can perform a minimally invasive procedure to safely remove the lipoma with minimal scarring when symptoms develop or you want the lipoma removed because it affects your appearance. To make an appointment for lipoma removal in Miami, Florida, call the office or fill out the contact form.

Lipoma Removal in Miami

What causes a lipoma?

Lipomas are noncancerous growths that form beneath the skin, between the skin and the underlying muscles. They are made up of fat cells encased in a thin layer of tissue, resulting in a soft lump that moves when gently pushed with your fingers.

These fatty masses develop slowly and most commonly in middle-aged adults. Lipomas are most commonly found in the neck, shoulders, back, head, and legs.

The cause of a lipoma cannot be determined in the majority of cases. Some people, however, may be predisposed to developing lipomas due to a genetic predisposition. Obesity, liver disease, alcohol abuse, and glucose intolerance are also linked to the growths.

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What symptoms might I develop due to a lipoma?

Most patients’ only symptom is a lump that they can feel and/or see. Lipomas are usually not painful unless they become large enough to press on nerves or contain a large number of blood vessels.

Lipomas can form in muscles or organs, though they are uncommon. When this happens, the symptoms are frequently painful and can cause a variety of symptoms if they interfere with the organ’s ability to function.

It is possible that the lump is a cancerous liposarcoma rather than a lipoma. Liposarcomas grow quickly, do not move beneath the skin, and are usually painful. If you are concerned about lumps beneath your skin, make an appointment to have them evaluated.

How Does Dr. Renfrow Remove Lipomas

How does Dr. Renfrow remove lipomas?

Lipomas are not harmful to your health, but if they cause pain or interfere with your appearance, Dr. Renfrow can safely remove the lump.

When performed by a Lipoma expert surgeon like Dr. Renfrow, having a lipoma removed is a painless experience. He removes the lipoma after administering local anesthesia and making a small incision. Depending on the size of the lump, it may be extracted whole or cut into smaller pieces by your surgeon. The tissue is then sent to the lab for a proper biopsy by Dr. Renfrow.

Because of the small size and cosmetic closure of the incision, you will have minimal scarring as you heal.

If you have questions about lipoma removal, call Dr. Renfrow or complete the contact form.