Hernia Repair Surgery in Miami, FL

Hernia surgery is a medical procedure performed to repair a protrusion or weakness in the abdominal wall.

Hernia Surgery in Miami

If your hernia is causing no symptoms, you may be able to postpone surgery for a while. Hernias do not improve on their own; they typically worsen, eventually necessitating surgical repair. Michael Renfrow, MD, FACS, a board-certified surgeon, has years of experience successfully repairing hernias using a variety of surgical techniques tailored to each patient’s healthcare needs. To schedule a consultation for hernia surgery in Miami, call the Miami office or fill out the online form.

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What You Need To Know About Hernia

What causes a hernia?

Hernias occur when internal organs or tissues protrude through a weak or torn muscle. While babies can be born with a congenital hernia, adults develop hernias over time as a result of pressure on their abdominal muscles.

Many activities, from frequent coughing and lifting heavy objects to being overweight and straining during bowel movements, can raise abdominal pressure and increase your risk of a hernia.

Age-related muscle degeneration, as well as previous wounds or healed surgical incision, create weak areas in the muscle that are vulnerable to hernia.

What types of hernias do surgeons repair?

We repair several types of hernias, including:

When the upper part of your stomach pushes through a natural opening in your diaphragm, a hiatal hernia forms inside your abdomen.

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What symptoms might I develop due to a hernia?

The majority of hernias cause a visible lump where they bulge through the muscle, but they do not cause pain until they become large. Hiatal hernias cause a variety of symptoms. Instead of a lump, you will experience indigestion, heartburn, and upper chest pain.

All types of hernias can become twisted or trapped in the muscle, causing potential strangulation. A strangulated hernia is a medical emergency that causes severe pain.

How do surgeons repair hernias?

Your doctor may advise you to monitor the hernia and have it repaired if it causes symptoms. The only way to treat a hernia is with surgery to replace the abdominal contents and repair the muscle.

Dr. Renfrow uses a variety of surgical techniques to repair hernias. He has performed laparoscopic, robotic-assisted, and open surgery for many years.

Dr. Renfrow has the knowledge and experience to tailor the approach to your specific needs. Choosing the best technique for each patient produces excellent results, whether the hernia is in the inguinal, abdominal (ventral), or umbilical region.

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