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Gastric Sleeve in Miami

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Miami

A gastric sleeve is a procedure for weight loss that surgically reduces the size of your stomach. This allows one to feel full and satisfied after eating smaller meal portions. The result is rapid weight loss and a long-term change in the way you eat meals.

What Is the Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Gastric Sleeve or a Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is a weight loss procedure that, by reducing the stomach in size, can help a person rapidly lose a great amount of weight. A patient who has undergone gastric sleeve surgery in Miami by Dr. Renfrow finds that they feel fuller much faster and are more satisfied by eating much smaller meal sizes than they were previously used to.

How is the Gastric Sleeve performed?

The Gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy) procedure is best for patients that are overweight or considered obese. Clinical Studies have clearly shown that the sleeve gastrectomy procedure is far superior to other bariatric procedures for long-term weight loss. The Gastric sleeve procedure is associated with less pain and scarring, so a patient can expect to recover quickly.

The Gastric Sleeve procedure is considered minimally invasive. Dr. Renfrow will remove the greater portion of the stomach (about 80 percent) and the remnant stomach is shaped into a long tube shape similar to a thin banana. The new stomach tube will not stretch much and can only hold up to five oz of food at any given time. This helps a patient feel satisfied after eating just a small amount of food. The patient can expect to feel full for a long time.

The greater part of the stomach that is surgically removed produces a hormone called ghrelin.  This known as the “hunger hormone” and is responsible for making one feel hungry. Without this hormone, one’s appetite normally decreases significantly. This along with of smaller food portions, less of an appetite, and less meals in general will result in losing weight.

The new smaller stomach that a patient has after the sleeve procedure means they will no longer secrete the grehlin hormone that makes one crave foods. Uncontrollable hunger cravings will normally disappear. This will lead to losing  excess fat converting you into a thinner, healthier person.

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Dr. Renfrow now offers the gastric sleeve procedure for an all-inclusive price of $11,800. Dr. Renfrow accepts most major health insurance plans.  For patients that do not have insurance or if their insurance will not cover weight loss surgery, our cash-pay sleeve gastrectomy is a great option. The Sleeve Gastrectomy all-inclusive package includes all you need for your weight loss procedure:

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Dr. Renfrow can help you regain your health now. Get rid of that excess weight and obtain the body you deserve and have always wanted now! If you have struggled with weight loss and have considered weight loss surgery, Dr. Renfrow can help you achieve your goals.

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FAQ about Gastric Sleeve in Miami

How long does it take for gastric sleeve to heal?

The digestive system takes about 4-6 weeks to return to a point where the patient can eat most foods. In the meantime, patients are urged to follow the surgeon’s post-op diet. Patients can generally expect to return to work within 1-2 weeks.

Does sleeve gastrectomy require an open surgical approach?

Absolutely not. Surgeons generally prefer to use laparoscopic surgery for gastric sleeve procedures, which only require some small incisions. Laparoscopic techniques reduce the risk of complications. Some patients may require open sleeve gastrectomy but this is no longer the standard.

Is it safe to travel after gastric sleeve surgery?

Absolutely! However, there are some things to be concerned about when traveling. It’s important to have the right foods handy and not rely on common foods encountered while traveling.

Is gastric sleeve surgery painful?

While the surgery itself is done under general anesthesia, many patients report aches and pains near the incision site. Patients will be prescribed bariatric-friendly painkillers in order to deal with pain. Afterward, there may be some discomfort. However, this discomfort will be minimized if the patient sticks to the post-op diet provided by the doctor.