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There is no one type of breast disease. Breast disease involves a wide range of potential issues, ranging from chronic breast pain and noncancerous masses to various kinds of breast cancer. For years, Michael Renfrow, MD, FACS, has worked to help women conquer pain, inflammation, cancer and other breast-related ailments. Fill out the contact form or call our office to schedule an appointment to receive compassionate, personalized care for breast disease in Miami, FL .

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Breast Disease Q & A

What causes chronic breast pain?

Breast pain occurs at regular intervals during the menstrual cycle for most women.  However, it’s possible to experience ongoing breast pain unrelated to the hormonal fluctuations during one period.

There are a number of reasons that noncyclic breast pain can occur.  It can be caused by a breast abscess, medications, injuries, or having particularly large breasts.

Mastitis is an infection-induced inflammation and pain in the breast tissue. Chronic mastitis is persistent breast pain in one or both breasts without an ongoing infection.

What is benign breast disease?

Changes in your breasts that aren’t caused by cancer are referred to as benign breast disease.

This could be anything from swelling, pain, nipple discharge or changes in the appearance of your breasts.  Non-cancerous lumps are also considered benign breast diseases.

Some examples of benign breast diseases include:

Some benign breast diseases, such as fibroadenoma, hyperplasia, and intraductal papilloma, raise your chances of developing breast cancer.

Fibroadenoma, hyperplasia, and intraductal papilloma are examples of benign breast diseases that raise your chances of developing breast cancer.

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What should I know about breast cancer?

Breast cancer is commonly found when you or your gynecologist notices a lump. It is possible that you may encounter changes in your breasts, such as:

Recognizing all of the symptoms is critical because it allows you to catch breast cancer at its earliest stages.  This is when it’s curable.

How does Dr. Renfrow treat breast disease?

Dr. Renfrow is vastly experienced working with patients with breast diseases and works from a wealth of knowledge that gives you the best treatment.  There are numerous potential treatments, from draining cyst fluids to removing the benign masses that have developed in your chest.

Lumpectomy and mastectomy are the two types of surgeries involved in breast cancer treatment.  If the cancer is contained with a tumor, then its possible to qualify for breast-conserving lump removal surgery (lumpectomy).  This involves only removing the cancerous mass in the breast.

Mastectomy is required when the cancer isn’t contained and spreads to the rest of your breast.  This may involve the removal of the entire breast.  Many women choose to combine cancer treatment with plastic surgery so that they can reconstruct their breasts immediately.