Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Is It Okay?

Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Is It Okay?

Patients getting gastric sleeve in Miami can start an entirely new life at their new dream weight. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind after any kind of gastric sleeve or bariatric surgery.

For instance, drinking after gastric sleeve is something that you should limit. So in this post, we’ll explore the connection between alcohol and gastric sleeve surgery. That way, you know how to best prepare yourself for your procedure and recovery.

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Can You Drink Alcohol After Sleeve Surgery?

Alcohol and other drugs should be avoided after your bariatric surgery. Firstly, the surgery will change the way that your body digests food and alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause a shock to your system.

You may also have lower alcohol tolerance due to a lower body fat percentage. Since you’re going to start losing fat, less alcohol will make you more intoxicated than before. This could lead to alcoholism after gastric sleeve surgery.

Enzymes And Alcohol

Another factor is due to alcohol dehydrogenase, which is an enzyme. This enzyme is found within your stomach and helps you break down the alcohol. Since bariatric surgery typically removes a good portion of your stomach, you’ll have less of this enzyme in order to break down the alcohol.

Ultimately, more of the alcohol will make it into your bloodstream, causing additional intoxication. Furthermore, alcohol can dehydrate you. And hydration is very important for healing properly post-op.

Gastric Sleeve And Alcohol: When Can You Resume Drinking?

Drinking alcohol 3 weeks after gastric sleeve is not ideal. As you go through your recovery after around four to six weeks, then you may be able to introduce alcohol slowly again. However, you should consult with your weight loss surgeon before consuming alcohol.

It’s possible that a glass of wine or two may be okay occasionally. But again, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. The gastric sleeve/alcohol connection is well documented and not beneficial.

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